Wednesday, April 12, 2006

A Tête-à-tête of Two Friends

arul.murugan.radha: You got struck with something ... Am I disturbing?

Ananda: i am not stuck with anything. but i have wasted some hours in browsing so i am compensating that otherwise my conscience will prick me

arul.murugan.radha: We have the same mind set.

Ananda: :)

arul.murugan.radha: Okay. I didnot want to waste more of your time. Go ahead.

Ananda: my work is done. time spent interacting with you is valuable to me.

no. actually that time is INVALUABLE arul.murugan.radha: You are making me happy.

Ananda: i am just making a statement of fact.

arul.murugan.radha: So. Anand ji.

But how much more time, you are going to work. Today so much disturbance in between our talk.

Ananda: only a few more minutes i will spend on my work

arul.murugan.radha: Okay. Finish that.
We will discuss about your writing tomorrow in detail.

Ananda: how is your work going on?

could you collect those documents for which you went in the afternoon?

Sent at 7:40 PM on Friday arul.murugan.radha: Busy

arul.murugan.radha: Yes. I have collected and scanned and sent the documents.

Ananda: good news

arul.murugan.radha: So, in the afternoon I had chapati and nan for my lunch in my home.
Ananda: great ! no more bread and butter

arul.murugan.radha: I usually don't go because I have to walk for 20 minutes to reach home. Yes.
I live a comfortable life now.

Ananda: that means your home is almost 1 killometer away from your university

arul.murugan.radha: Or may be more..
Another good thing is that with the prof in spain I am planning to do some calculations. I will be using my home machine for this.
He has a big group.

Ananda: so you have already started working with spain colleagues !

arul.murugan.radha: He will be the director soon.
I want to keep me safe so that I will find position easily when I am back to India.

Ananda: that is an intelligent idea.

arul.murugan.radha: Good you have not asked he is the director for which movie..

Ananda: :)

i thought he could be director general of police ;-)

arul.murugan.radha: He had written to me that sun shines for 10 months in Barcilona.

Ananda: what about the remaining 2 months ? arul.murugan.radha: May be cloud rains.

Ananda: complete dark?

arul.murugan.radha: Sun has to visit other poor countries like Belgium, canada...
Not like that. It will be a winter there.

Ananda: interesting.

arul.murugan.radha: Yes.

Hope I will have a chance to meet Paulo Coelho.
Hopê he is alive.

Ananda: he made a visit to india recently

arul.murugan.radha: That is interesting...

Ananda: in NDTV channel they had an interview with him

arul.murugan.radha: Did he meet you too?

Ananda: i met him

arul.murugan.radha: That is interesting.

Ananda: through the tv channel

arul.murugan.radha: Could he speak English?

Ananda: he did
he had even given a message to indians

arul.murugan.radha: What is that?

Ananda: the same one his books talk about
"have faith to follow your dreams"

arul.murugan.radha: This is not for Indians.
Yes. It was in alchemist.

Ananda: why do u feel that this is not for indians

arul.murugan.radha: But do we dream really?

Ananda: we fear the dreams.

arul.murugan.radha: Is it so?

Ananda: i think so.
we feel that it is impossible
but actually it is there only in our mind

arul.murugan.radha: Yes.
You were also saying about a Belgian scholar on India.
I will try to meet him before I leave from here.

Ananda: yes. he is a very important international intellectual on india when time permits you can read some of his articles

arul.murugan.radha: Send me the links..
By the way, will you be ready with the article this week-end?
Are u coming here tomorrow?

Ananda: i want to let us se see Sent at 8:01 PM on Friday arul.murugan.radha: So, send me his name and the links for articles when you get time.

Ananda: his name is koenrand elst

arul.murugan.radha: Yes. I am there in his site.


arul.murugan.radha: I was thinking about one thing.

Ananda: you can tell openly

arul.murugan.radha: See. What we see about the culture and tradition is through the people who write in English.

But will it be same when we see through a person writes in french, spanish or any other languages.

Ananda: you have a point there

arul.murugan.radha: So, the information we have about europe may be a biased one.

Ananda: can u please explain how it becomes biased

arul.murugan.radha: No. I said it may be.
Because I see people answering irresponsibly when you speak in English.

Ananda: it could be either because of the disrespect to other cultures or lack of english knowledge

arul.murugan.radha: like the madrasi treat a north-indian..
or in the other way around.

Ananda: human has the inclination to think that his is the best culture and others are low

arul.murugan.radha: My point is that english books speaking about malayalam culture or tradition may not be so correct.
You have read either in Malayalam or look for translator of malayalam origin.

Ananda: what do you mean by correct? i am asking this because (for ex) the culture of tamilnadu portrayed by Thangamani is different from what you portray it depends mostly on our opinion and idealogy

arul.murugan.radha: Yes. You are correct. But he has read a lot and what he writes can be claimed as more correct.

Ananda: again what he reads matter. if a book or article is supporting particular idealogy we will remain one sided

arul.murugan.radha: Yes. That point is valid.

Ananda: the question is how can we know things objectively, beyond our own opinions and idealogies to know the fact what do u think is the way to achieve that?

Sent at 8:17 PM on Friday
arul.murugan.radha: I never had come across these type of problems. But this question is very important one.

Ananda: you are correct.
this question is very important one

arul.murugan.radha: I don't remember any situation where I could not decide which is correct.

Ananda: may i tell why this could be so?

arul.murugan.radha: Yes.
May be I just keep me away from complicated things.
May be I am very selfish not bothered to analyse what is happening around.

Ananda: no
you are not selfish nor you have kept yourself away from problems

arul.murugan.radha: See the event. When you forwarded the link on Bharathi I could have read that on the same day.
But I did not so much interest.

Ananda: what is wrong in it?
if u send me something which i am not much interested, or when I have a lot of other important works to do i would certainly do the same

arul.murugan.radha: Something which made you serious was just ignored by me.
Ananda: what is wrong in it?

arul.murugan.radha: No. That is not correct.

Ananda: why?

arul.murugan.radha: This is the way selfish people grow.

Ananda: what is wrong in being selfish?

arul.murugan.radha: Ignore all unnecessary things and be closed in a small space.

Ananda: selfishness is a gift from god

arul.murugan.radha: No. I should have responded like u.

Ananda: let me put it in a different way.

arul.murugan.radha: To show interest in knowing what is going on around in our society.

Ananda: what is "our" society?

arul.murugan.radha: Where you had grown up from..

Ananda: do you think that we share the same society?
my brought up is different from yours. what do u think?

arul.murugan.radha: may be I should have put india there.

Ananda: the question remains same
do u think that we are grown in the same india? you, me, or thangamani?

arul.murugan.radha: That does not matter which part of country you are grown up from? The interest you show what is happening around and how we can solve are the important things which you and Thangamani have.

Ananda: Thangamani says that tamilnadu should be separated from india. I say that even countries like pakistan should be joined in inda
he says that india is ruled by brahmins
i say that it is ruled by communists
he says india is stinking because of its religion
i say just the apposite
how can we solve a single problem

arul.murugan.radha: I understand.

Ananda: so which society we need to care? or for that matter why do we want to care for the society?

arul.murugan.radha: If somebody can rule it better let them have the power. What is the problem?

Ananda: the question is same i might say that a democratic hindutva setup would bring better rule thangamani would feel that naxalites government is the best our views of better government differs

arul.murugan.radha: The problem arises because you support the people with your ideology
without seeing whether they can do well in that position.

Ananda: you are almost correct.
let us see this way
america has the highest GDP
beggars come in car
very little people suffer with lack of food
but the head of muslims in India says that Taliban's government is the best
america is the worst country
Question is: How can I judge correctly? Or, is there an objective judgement?

arul.murugan.radha: Every one knows that leader is wrong.

Ananda: certainly not
you and I think that way
there are so many muslims who feel he is correct
and also there are muslims who feel that he is wrong

arul.murugan.radha: But it is surprising thing that people accept such people as leaders. The murderers of Zessica lal roam free in the roads.

I don't think majority people will accept he is correct. May be it was his personal opinion.

Ananda: it is all the question of marketing.

if media says that he is correct, if you are educated like wise then how can you judge

arul.murugan.radha: Media doesnot say something correct or wrong. They selectively show to propogate their views.

Ananda: what do u think of the news by sun tv and jaya tv?

arul.murugan.radha: Yes. I had seen the drama.

Ananda: so again the same question remains.

arul.murugan.radha: I understood anything can be shown as correct or wrong.

Ananda: now how can you know the truth?

arul.murugan.radha: Analysing both aspects.

Ananda: from where?

arul.murugan.radha: Is that that difficult to decide?

Ananda: certainly.
for example a person would say that babar building belongs to hindus, other say just apposite
now tell me your judgement

arul.murugan.radha: If you have complete information, you know certainly correct things.

Ananda: again the media comes in for the complete information

arul.murugan.radha: Yes. I understand the problem.
May be we need some media who will be very sincere.

Ananda: which media- hindu or muslim, left-or right, they or us?

arul.murugan.radha: Do you say we don't have any media who can be neutral?

Ananda: that is the question.

arul.murugan.radha: Hope we will find some answer.

Ananda: muruganji, i want to save this chat and post it in Thinnai.

arul.murugan.radha: Then I could have made some home work before.

Ananda: neither have i done any homework. it is very honest.

arul.murugan.radha: You decide. It is upto you. You always do correct things.

Ananda: do you think that you have made the judgement from an objective point of view?


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